The Gas Analysis and Sensing Group (GASG) brings together manufacturers, users, research organisations and academic departments that share technical interests in all forms of gas sensor and the relevant applications.  Initially supported by the Department of Trade and Industry, it is now self-funded solely by membership subscription fees.

58th GASG colloquium at University of Southampton
58th GASG colloquium at University of Southampton

The GASG remit includes research on all aspects of gas sensing and analysis, along with the development and manufacture of the resulting products including electrochemical, solid-state, optical and system-based units and the supporting signal processing and analytical instrumentation.  The GASG also addresses applications involving standards and calibration, domestic gas alarming, combustion gas sensing and analysis, and environmental monitoring including aviation, maritime and automotive cabin air quality along with health-and-safety and homeland security matters. Three colloquia each year are organised, often hosted by a leading company and including tours of that company’s facilities.  The annual December meeting includes the Annual General Meeting and is normally held in Central London.  Both a Newsletter and Proceedings are compiled and distributed to all members after each colloquium.

57th GASG Colloquium at the Institute of Materials, London

The membership includes representatives from most of the gas sensor and equipment manufacturers in the UK, along with leading university, government and private laboratories focusing on gas sensing and monitoring.  The GASG also welcomes overseas membership and maintains contact with like-minded organisations in other European countries, the USA and Japan.