Membership Fees

Membership Categories

The following types of membership are available:

Corporate membership

Corporate members are allowed up to two delegates to attend free at each colloquium. Additional attendees are required to pay the members attendance fee unless an arrangement has been made with the Committee to allow additional attendees, with an associated increase in the annual fee. The name of the corporate member organisation is acknowledged or printed on GASG documents.

Industrial membership

Industrial (Company) members are required to pay for each attendee at a colloquium.

Academic & Consultant membership

This is applicable to those members from educational and single person organisations (e.g. consultants). They are also required to pay for each attendee at a colloquium.

Annual Membership Fees

Corporate: £500.00

Industrialist: £250.00

Academic & Consultant: £125.00

Meeting Registration Fees

Corporate Member: Free for up to 2 places

Industrial/Academic & Consultant member: £75.00

Non-member: £150.00

Our membership includes representatives from most of the gas sensor & instrumentation manufacturers in the UK a long with leading universities, government & private laboratories forusing on gas sensing and monitoring. The GASG also welcomes over seas members.

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