GASG76 Early Career Prize-winners, Chicheley Hall, 12 March 2020

Oral Presentation

1st prize: Kelly Westmacott (University of the West of England), “Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry monitoring of NOx for wound dressings”

2nd prize: James Bremner (Cranfield University), “Multipoint Gas Detection Using Range Resolved Interferometry”

3rd prize: Merel Lefferts (University of Oxford), “Percolation networks of conductive polymers for highly sensitive explosives vapour detection”

Poster Presentation

1st prize: Alhulw Alshammari (University of Sheffield), Sensitive Fibre- Optic Fluorimetric Transducer for Airborne Analyte”

2nd prize: Kiran Ayyala (University of Warwick), "Comparative study of Spin-coated and AACVD NiO films for detecting VOCs"

3rd prize: Sara Lee Spanggaard Krog (University of the West of England), “Research on a metal oxide filter system for air purification”