Past Colloquia

No Title Date Venue Link to Program
78 TBA Dec 2020 London  
77 Security and Defence Jun 11th 2020 NMRN Portsmouth Royal Dockland  
76 Early Career Researchers in Gas/ Volatile Analysis and Sensing Forum Mar 12th 2020 Chicheley Hall, Bucks  
75 The gas is greener: gas detection and the green economy Dec 5th 2019 Institute of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place Program
74 Will it Blend? - Detection and Analysis of Complex Gas Mixtures Jun 27th 2019 Scarman Conference Centre, Warwick University Program
73 Gas in Transport and Aerospace Apr 4th 2019 Brooklands Museum Program
72 Despicable Methane Dec 6th 2018 Institute of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place Program
71 New Ideas in Gas Sensing Jun 21st 2018 Walton Hall, The Open University Program
70 GASG: The Next Generation 2nd Early Career Researchers meeting Mar 15th 2018 Royal Society Kavli International Centre, Chicheley Hall, Chicheley Program
69 Gaseous in the Underworld: Gas Detection Under Land and Sea Dec 7th 2017 Institute of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place Program
68 Natural Gas: Gas in Nature Jul 6th 2017 University of the West of England Program
67 Gas in Space Apr 6th 2017 University of Southampton Program
66 Turn on, tune in and detect gas! Connectivity, Wearables and the Internet of Things Dec 1st 2016 Institute of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place Program
65 In the pipeline? Petrochemical Gas Detection Jul 14th, 2016 Crowcon Detection, Milton Park Abingdon Program
64 Rising Stars in Gas Sensing: the Early Career Researchers meeting Apr 21st 2016 Vincent Building, Cranfield University Program
63 All in the best possible taste - the Agri-food Gas Sensing Symposium Dec 3rd 2015 Institute of Materials Program
62 Materials in Gas Sensing: Mining the Periodic Table Jul 2nd 2015 Dept Materials and Metallurgy, Univ of Cambridge  
61 Gas Detection and Modelling of Plumes and Leaks Mar 26th 2015 Engineers House The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol  
60 The Future of Gas Supplies: Safety, Quality and Healt Dec 4th 2014 Institute of Materials  
59 Noxious Gases and Particulates Sep 18th 2014 Donington Park Conference Centre, Derby  
58 Optical Methods in Gas Sensing Apr. 3rd 2014 University of Southampton  
57 A Blast from the Past and a Vision for the Future Dec. 5th 2013 Institute of Materials  
55 Gas Sensing in Health Care Mar. 21st 2013 Cranfield University  
54 Emergency Response Dec. 6th 2012 Institute of Materials  
53 Sub-ppm Gas Detection Jul. 19th 2012 Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes  
52 Gas Detection in Aviation Mar. 22nd 2012 Imperial War Museum, Duxford  
51 Gas Detection for Fire and other Hazards Dec.1st 2011 Institute of Materials  
50 Gas Detection for New Energy Sources Jul. 21st 2011 King's College, Cambridge  
49 Gas Sensors for Maritime Applications Apr. 7th 2011 Action Stations, Portsmouth  
48 Gas Sensors in Pollution Control Dec. 2nd 2010 Institute of Materials  
47 Smart Houses - Smart Gas Sensors? Apr. 29th 2010 BRE, Watford  
46 Gas Sensors - Electrochemical & Exotic Dec. 3rd 2009 SCI, Belgrave Square, London  
45 How Smart are Intelligent Gas Sensors? Jul. 9th 2009 e2v technologies plc, Chelmsford  
44 Gas Sensing and Life Apr. 22nd 2009 Cranfield University  
43 Gas Sensing across the Spectrum Dec. 4th 2008 Royal Astronomical Society, London  
42 Micro and Nano Technology in Gas Sensing Sep. 17th 2008 BSRIA, Bracknell  
41 Air Analysis - out of the laboratory and into the field (with the RSC) May 15th 2008 NPL, Teddington  
40 Gas Sensors - a Diversity of Applications Dec. 6th 2007 Institute of Materials  
39 Gas Sensing in Harsh Environments Apr. 19th 2007 Bretby Conference Centre, Burton upon Trent  
38 Recent Advances in Solid State Gas Sensors Dec. 7th 2006 Institute of Materials  
37 Gas Sensing for Safety and Security Apr. 6th 2006 e2v technology Ltd., Chelmsford  
36 Advanced Materials in Gas Sensing Dec. 8th 2005 Institute of Materials  
35 Flammable and Toxic Gas Detection Systems On and Off-Shore Apr. 7th 2005 Shell Global Solutions Ltd., Chester  
34 Smoke, Fire and Particulates Dec. 9th 2004 Institute of Physics  
33 Gas Sensing in the Aircraft and Automobile Industries Sep. 9th 2004 Cranfield University  
32 Monitoring Air Pollution April 20th 2004 Manchester Metropolitan University  
31 Unusual Applications of Gas Sensors Dec. 4th 2003 Royal College of Pathologists, The Mall  
30 Physical, Chemical and Biological Methods in Gas Sensing Sep. 4th 2003 AWE Ltd., Aldermaston  
29 Gas Sensing for Water & Waste Treatment Applications Feb. 27th 2003 Anglian Water, Grafham  
28 The Business of Gas Detection Dec. 5th 2002 IEE, Savoy Place  
27 Gas Detector Instruments - from Laboratory to Field Oct. 3rd 2002 SIRA Ltd., South Hill, Chislehurst  
26 Sensors and Instrumentation for ppb-level Gas Detection May 30th 2002 CRL-the Innovation Centre, Scipher, Dawley Rd., Hayes  
25 Indoor Air Quality and its Measurement Dec. 5th 2001 Broadway Conference Centre, Tothill St., London  
24 Materials for Gas Sensors Sep. 20th 2001 Johnson Matthey plc, Royston  
23 Internal Combustion - External Pollution Apr 5th 2001 Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne  
22 Gas Sensors in Medicine Dec. 7th. 2000 Robin Brooke Centre, St. Bartholomew's Hospital  
21 Instrumentation for Gas Analysis Jun 8th.2000 Scottish Courage Brewery, Reading  
20 Making Sense of Sensors Mar 12th. 2000 Health & Safety Lab., Buxton  
19 Gas Sensors for the New Millennium Dec. 9th. 1999 Institute of Physics  
18 Environmental Sensing Technology - Links with the Gas Detection Industry Oct. 27th 1999 DERA, Farnborough  
17 Part of the Institute of Physics 'Sensors and their Applications X Sep. 7th 1999 University of Wales, Cardiff  
16 The Air We Breathe Mar 23rd 1999 Building Research Establishment, Garston  
15 What's New in Gas Sensing Dec. 10th 1998 CIBA Conference Rooms, London  
14 Spectroscopic and Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Techniques Jul 9th 1998 Defence Evaluation Research Agency, Pyestock  
13 Aerospace Applications of Gas Sensors Mar 18th 1998 Rolls-Royce Commercial Engines, Derby  
12 The TESS Project Nov. 20th. 1997 ICI, Runcorn  
11 Gas Detection in the Water Industry', (with SWIG) Jul 3rd. 1997 Bristol Zoo  
10 Novel Gas Sensing Techniques Dec. 16/17 1996 University of Wales, Swansea  
9 Gas Sensors in Health & Safety. Jul 4th. 1996 Health & Safety Lab., Sheffield  
8 Optical Gas Sensors', (with OSCA) Mar 12th. 1996 British Gas Research Centre, Loughborough  
7 Electrochemical Gas Sensors Dec. 14th. 1995 Derby University  
6 Industrial Site Gas Monitoring Sep. 19th. 1995 ICI Chemicals, Wilton, Teesside  
5 Technology Transfer in Gas Sensing & Monitoring Apr 25th. 1995 DRA, Malvern  
4 Environmental Gas Detection and Monitoring Dec. 6th. 1994 Brunel University, Uxbridge  
3 Infra-Red Gas Detection Jul 20th. 1994 Shell Research Centre, Thornton, Chester  
2 Members Meeting Mar 10th. 1994 British Gas Research Centre, Loughborough  
1 Inaugural Meeting Dec. 16th. 1993 DTI, Kingsgate House, London