74th GASG Colloquium

27th June 2019

Warwick University Campus, Coventry


“Will it Blend? - Detection and Analysis of Complex Gas Mixtures”

Session Chair: Kevin Brown

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Full Program and Registration

10.30 Registration, tea, coffee and biscuits

11.00 Introduction by James Covington (Warwick)

11.05 "Taking your breath away (and analysing it) - Breathomics" - Paul Monks, University of Leicester

11.30 "Changes in VOC speciation over the past two decades" - Alastair Lewis, University of York

11.55 "Research strategies to detect and separate complex mictures of VOCs" - James conington, University of Warwick

12.20 "nanoparticles Design using Cluster Beam Deposition for Advanced Gas Sensing Applications" - Jerome Vernieres, Swansea University

12.45 Lunch

14.00 "Breath monitoring for detection of metabolic changes associated with disease states" - Krishna Persaud, University of Manchester

14.20 "Gut Feeling: volatile biomarkers of gastrointestingal infection" - Chris Walton, Cranfield University

14.50 "Gas mixtures: can electrochemistry help" - Ronan Baron, Alphasense

15.20 Close, tea, coffee and biscuits.


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