73rd GASG Colloquium

4th April 2019

Brooklands Museum, Surrey,

KT13 0SL

“Vapour tales: gas detection and transportation”

Session Chair: Jonathan Gilby

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Full Program and Registration

10.30 Registration, tea, coffee and biscuits

11.00 Introduction by Jonathan Gilby (HH60 Consultants)

11.05 Quantitative analysis of gaseous emissions in the thermal decomposition of aerospace composite using gas sensors and TD-GC-MS by Célia Lourenço (Cranfield University)

11.30 Breathe London: Informing the Politicians by Jim Mills (Air Monitors)

11.55 Air quality and the Heathrow 3rd Runway by Rod Jones (University of Cambridge)

12.20 Lunch

13.50 Tunnels: Can we see? Can we breathe? by John Saffell (Alphasense)

14.15 On-Board Diagnostics in Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems by Paul Millington (Johnson Matthey)

14.40 Deploying PM sensors in an urban setting by Stephen Johnston (University of Southampton)

15.05 Close and tea and coffee


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          27th June 2019 at Warwick University

         December 2019 at RSC or IET


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