GASG Scope

We are open to exploring all aspects of gas/VOC/particle sensing, analysis, and monitoring, including:

  • New and interesting technologies for detection and measurement.
  • Sensor materials and design.
  • Sampling, calibration and data analysis methods that aim to improve detection reliability, accuracy, and specificity.
  • Applications of measurement technologies in, for example, industrial and domestic environments, environmental monitoring, water industry, the energy sector, process control, biomedical diagnostics, forensics, agriculture and food, aerospace, defence and security, transport (land, sea & air), planetary science, citizen science, wearables, and any other new ideas from outside these sectors.
  • Use of the resulting data for quantification of leaks, modelling and understanding the role these substances play in industrial processes, the environment, health and safety, and toxicology.
  • Integrating human factors, eg understanding human interaction with elements of a system, and then optimising instrument design to promote human wellbeing and overall system performance, as well as reporting of results.
  • Encouraging development of standards and methodologies.
  • Business and commercial aspects of gas/VOC/particle detection.