GASG welcomes suggestions for topics which could form the focus of future meetings! Please propose areas of interest which you feel our Members in the gas/VOC/particle sensing and analysis community would find relevant. We are particularly keen to hear about subjects which you feel have been under-represented in our recent programme.


We also welcome recommendations for speakers at our meetings. Please feel free to nominate yourself, or others who could offer insights of interest to our Members. They do not necessarily have to come from the traditional gas/VOC/particle sensing and analysis community. We have had speakers from a wide range of backgrounds in the past, all of whom provided valuable perspectives for attendees.


Finally, we would also like to hear your ideas for venues to host GASG meetings. We have used an eclectic range in the past with both regular and occasional venues throughout the country. Tours of facilities are included in our programmes wherever possible  since these are very popular with members.