Meeting 82 – Optical & Acoustic Gas Detection : Making Waves

National Museum Of The Royal Navy, Portsmouth

16th June 2022

This meeting provided a wide range of talks on applications of optical methods such as Absorption and Raman Spectroscopy, in closed cell, open path and fibre based configurations. As well as custom-built high end laboratory systems, there was also considerable focus on the use of new generations of commercial optical components,  for example in the mid-IR, which are gradually addressing traditional concerns over their use of restricted materials (eg Pb & Cd), performance and cost. These developments are gradually bringing such methods within scope of new high volume markets, such as autonomous, wearable CH4 detectors. There was also a fascinating talk on the spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres, further emphasising the wide range of applications to which traditional gas analysis methods can be applied.

The speakers described a diverse range of components, systems, applications and results, giving attendees an excellent and insightful overview of the field. It seems highly likely that ongoing research and development in the area will continue to result in practical systems meeting the demand for optical based sensing.

Members can access full details of the meeting using the link below. A more detailed report has been published in Newsletter 74 which is also available in the Members area