Meeting 86 - Bad Air Days: Developments In Air Quality Monitoring

City, University of London & Online

7th December 2023

The topic for the GASG December meeting this year was something that affects everybody – air quality. Levels of outdoor pollution in urban environments, and the measures taken to abate them, are a major political issue. This meeting provided updates on the impacts of poor air quality and discussed the state of the art in quality monitoring.

Among the expert presenters were Frank Kelly (Imperial College) who explained the effect of specific pollutants on the human body and Nick Martin (NPL), who spoke about the validation of field sampling methods. Ehsan Danesh (Adsentec) described best practice in the design of sensor networks and Andrew Grieve (Imperial College London)  explained the Breathe London sensor model and experience. David Hagan (Quant AQ) discussed the role and capabilities of particle sensors in air quality monitoring.

The meeting was a vibrant and informative day with plenty of  interaction between presenters and attendees in the best traditions of GASG events.

Members can access full details of the meeting using the link below. A more detailed report has been published in Newsletter 78 which is also available in the Members area.