GASG Meeting 87 – Fuelling The World: Hydrogen Sensing

Thursday, 21st March 2024 – Cranfield University and OnlineGASG Latest News

The 87th GASG Meeting at Cranfield University attracted one of the largest audiences in
the 30-year history of the group. 8 renowned speakers provided detailed insights into cutting edge
research addressing the significant challenges in the detection and measurement of hydrogen, as well
as explaining key issues in the understanding the role of hydrogen as an indirect greenhouse gas.
Prof Dame Helen Atkinson DBE FREng explained the world-class facilities at Cranfield enabling research
into a wide range of aspects of critical importance to the development of the Hydrogen economy.
Delegates were then able to see some of these during tours kindly provided by members of the
research teams.

The day was an undoubted success and demonstrated once again the unique ability of GASG to bring
people together from all parts of the industry to learn about developments in a productive forum
which facilitates engagement and discussion.

Members can access full details of the meeting using the link below. A more detailed report has been published in Newsletter 79 which is also available in the Members area.