GASG Meeting 88 – Gas Sensor Materials : Cracking The Code

Thursday 2oth June – Mansion House, Bletchley Park & Online

Following an excellent and well-attended meeting in Cranfield last month, we are delighted to announce that our next meeting will be held at Bletchley Park on Thursday 20th June at the inspiring location of Bletchley Park – home of the WW2 codebreakers. Our topic for the day is Gas Sensor Materials: Cracking the Code and we have a great programme of speakers lined up.

Materials-based sensors have long been a mainstay of the gas sensing market and offer the lowest costs for users and manufacturers – provided the performance is acceptable. Problems such as cross-sensitivity (in particular) require careful understanding and painstaking engineering, and some recent successes in this area will be described by those at the forefront of such developments.

The use of polymer-based sensors for ammonia  will be described by Tony Killard (UWE) and metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for volatiles will de discussed by Evandro Castaldelli (Nottingham University).  Matteo Fois (UWE) will talk about using dual mode, rare earth based sensors to extract additional information to help with selectivity. Sotiris Pratsinis (ETH Zurich) – whose team completed a major review of gas sensor selectivity in 2021 – will be online to speak about new manufacturing methods for improved selectivity.  Ryan Sutherill (SepSolve/Schauenburg Analytics) will discuss the use of gas and VOC sorbents for analysis, and finally our member Paul Basham (Crowcon) and Gary Collins (Nevada Nano) will discuss a new MEMs based sensor that is displacing traditional technology used in detection of explosive gases.

The GASG last held a meeting at Bletchley several years ago, and there has been significant development of the exhibits at the park since then. We have secured our own exclusive tour – free to attendees – over an extended lunch break, but places are limited so please book as soon as possible to ensure participation in the tour. The final programme is available here.

Travel information is available here.

Jane Hodgkinson
Chair, GASG